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All pub sets can be made in gathering height  too. The difference is in the height.

  • Pub or bar height tables are typically around 40"-42" in height. Therefore, the bar stools are in the 28"-30" range. 
  • A gathering height table is typically measures between 34"- 36" Tall with the stools ranging 24"-26".
  •  A Standard dining table measures between 28"- 30" tall.

We believe that no matter your choice of wood all these tables will make your everyday dishes look great to say nothing of your holiday china. You pick the table length you want, and then choose between oval, round or rectangle and the seating configuration you want, chairs, benches or a combination of both.

Because dining room furniture is now more often than not an extension of the kitchen and living room it needs to be functional and beautiful. We specialize in having the best designs and variety of styles for you to choose from. And we can have many items custom made and in our store for you within 4-6 weeks.