A touch of log takes this sofa and recliner, yes that's a recliner, to rustic elegance.  

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The Rustic Realm

Lodge Decor Furniture Store

These are our two most popular accent chairs. The rocker recliner to the left fits most everyone and the barrel chair is comfortable and has a 360 degree swivel, so it's great near a fireplace and windows. 

If you're wondering in third place is the wing chair, pictured further down the page. 

Log trim or antique brown nail heads or even shotgun shells can change

the look of a sofa and chair.

How rustic do you want to go? From no log to a little log trim to a full log recliner. The choice is yours, you can relax anyway you want.

It's all about the fabric! This is the same style wing chair done in three different fabric combos.

We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and the experience to help you create a fabulous living space. 

If total log is the way you want to go you can choose from rustic red pine, rustic cedar, white cedar or hickory logs. And you can choose between an EZ sofa lounger, similar to a futon or a more regular sofa. 

Do you have a large space you are trying to fill? There are many styles of sectionals to choose from.